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The takes care of your drink while you take care of your game.

Cool Caddy - Golf Beer Holder

Top Reasons why you need the Cool Caddy!

  • You get the most convenient way to enjoy a cold drink while enjoying the great game of golf!
  • Your hands will be free so you can simultaneously eat a Smokey and have an ice cold beer while you pull your clubs and enjoy the great game of golf!
  • You can keep 12 oz cans frosty cold in the cooler or use the 12 oz insert for your favorite hot or cold beverage!
  • You will almost never spill, loose or forget their drink on the golf course again!
  • You can attach it quickly and easily to virtually any golf pull cart or power cart with no tools required!
  • Your drink swivels to keep it upright at all times and always close at hand!
  • You can fit it on virtually any golf pull cart and it folds away neatly when your done!
  • You will find that it may actually help take strokes off your game!
  • You won't find the Cool Caddy in Retail Stores!
  • The patented Velcro design makes it easy for you to attach and remove and the cooler when your golfing!
  • The Cool Caddy makes an excellent stroke saving gift idea!
  • The Cool Caddy can pay for itself in only a couple of rounds.
  • Other Golf Beer Holders on the market don't even come close!

After You Get Your Cool Caddy!

  • You won't find yourself realizing that you forgot your last cold beer, as you look way back down the fairway  (it can be argued that this is a beneficial cardiac activity).
  • You won't have sticky hands and sticky grips from your warm, foaming drink spilling down your club shafts, into your golf bag as it bounces down the fairway.>
  • You won't ruin the momentum of perfect shot (or waste money) by accidentally knocking over your ' strategically' placed drink as you grab your cart to proceed to your next shot.

For less than the cost of a few beers the Cool Caddy pays for itself in only a couple of rounds.

Here are some more of the Cool Features.

  • Fits any shaft up to 1 (round/square) or 1 1/4 x 1 rectangular.
  • The coolers come in an assortment of colors to match any golf bag.
  • The compact design allows the mounting bracket to stay on the pull-cart handle when it's folded away.
  • It can be used for several other applications (boats, lawn mowers,  strollers or just about anything that moves with a bar to attach it to).
  • Makes an excellent gifts/giveaways for golf tournaments or special events.
  • The Coolers can be customized with your logo which makes an great corporate golf promotional item.
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Cool Caddy - Golf Beer Holder

Even When Your Cart Tips, Your Drink Stays Upright! 

With the Cool Caddy you will Never Spill, Loose or Forget Your Drink on the golf course again!

Works on Power Carts!

The Cool Caddy Golf Beer Holder is ideal for Golf Power Carts

Click Here for Cool Caddy Installation and Usage Instructions

Cool Caddy - Golf Beer Holder Unit Photo